Friday, July 21, 2006

Massachusetts Pair Teams With Intellectual Ventures

A former TV producer and a former sculptor have teamed up with Nathan Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures -- widely rumored as a developing patent troll -- to "churn out" inventions for IV's portfolio.  According to the Berkshire Eagle, so far, the Pittsfield, MA pair have developed

New ways for parents to control video game play.

A way to address the lack of drinkable water in many parts of Africa.

A device that stores and analyzes data and predicts outcomes for Major League Baseball teams. (Fein is a huge Red Sox fan. "I was never good enough to help them on the field, but this idea is a way I can help them win games.")

A new technology for more efficient harnessing of wind power.

Mhyrvold appears to be holding fast to his vision of developing a patent portfolio through working with inventors over the long term, rather than the
typical troll pattern of  of simply acquiring patents for the sake of lawsuits.